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8 tips to consider before going for PCR

8 tips to consider before going for PCR
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The coronavirus needs more testing to curb its spread. More testing and faster findings mean that we have more knowledge to make informed decisions and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, no matter what type of test it is. When utilised appropriately and with an understanding of the limitations of the information they provide, tests may be a helpful tool. Any type of positive test should keep you confined to your house and away from others. Negative results do not give you free rein to let down your guard and mingle with strangers.


Having a blood test is a relatively low-risk procedure. There may be some discomfort or bruising where the needle was inserted, but these are usually transient. A nasal swab might irritate your throat or cause you to cough, depending on how it is applied. A nasopharyngeal swab may produce coughing or choking, which can be painful. They’re all transitory, so don’t worry!

Test cost

A PCR test is free if you receive it from a public health institution, mobile testing centre, or GP medical practise that accepts bulk billing. Even if your doctor doesn’t accept bulk billing, the test itself is free. In general, rapid antigen tests are from $10 to $15 each test, however they are sometimes provided free of charge.

Having a Support Person

You can ask a friend or family member to accompany you to the testing centre and wait with you while you collect RATs or are evaluated and tested.

Maximum Group Member

Some laboratories offer a group option.  You may make a reservation for as many as five individuals at a time. If your group exceeds this size, you will have to make two or more reservations (and arrive in 2 or more vehicles at a Drive through the center). Please bring your QR codes and IDs with you to the appointments.

For Dubai Travelers

A negative COVID-19 test is a requirement for several nations’ citizens travelling from Dubai. In Dubai, you may check on the criteria of the nation you are visiting by calling their local High Commission, Embassy, or Consulate.

PCR Test Near Me 

Google Maps can help you locate a COVID-19 testing facility near you.

PCR at home

At-home PCR testing kits are available over-the-counter. Buying them online, taking the exam, and mailing it in is all that is required. Results are usually available within 48 hours after submitting the test. A PCR test developed by Amazon’s facilities may yield findings in as little as 24 hours after it is received.

Positive Thinking

Relax and don’t worry at this moment. Don’t lose your strength. Many infectious illnesses may be identified with PCR testing, which are accurate and trustworthy. PCR tests, on the other hand, serve an important role in reducing the spread of illnesses since they are frequently able to establish diagnoses before the onset of symptoms.


Testing isn’t necessary if your symptoms of COVID-19 are minimal. A primary care practitioner or an urgent care facility can help you manage symptoms that are bothersome but not life-threatening. If you experience any of the above-mentioned severe coronavirus symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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